Group Classes

Group Classes are the most affordable way to learn to dance. Attending a weekly dance class is an opportunity to learn new steps, while meeting new people in a relaxed social environment.
And for those who have no regular partner, a group class provides the chance to dance with different people, not just your teacher!
Combining group classes with private lessons is our recommended method of tuition. Group classes for the social dancing, the practice with other people and generally learning how to dance. And private lessons for the "polish". Fine tuning your technique, clarifying those little things that need some extra "one-on-one" time.

Adult Dance Classes

Casual Classes -Beginners $15 per person (discounts for 3 or more classes per night), Intermediate/Advanced $20ph
Our qualified staff teach a wide variety of styles, from ballroom dancing thru to salsa and rock'n'roll. Our classes are based around a 16 week term, with a relaxed cabaret-style evening at the end of each term, to celebrate your progression to the next level.
Classes are held every Monday and Tuesday evening, catering to a variety of skill levels and styles. Adults are welcome to participate in classes on either, or both days. Many students enjoy attending the same class on both nights, to further improve the skills they learn.

Class Levels

Class levels range from Beginner thru Intermediate to Advanced. Learning 3 to 5 dances in either Standard (Waltz and Tango), Latin (Jive), New Vogue (Merrilyn) or Street Latin (Salsa). These classes are all 30 minute classes, buiding on your skills over the course of the term.


Beginner General classes are for those just starting out.
Classes cover the basics in Cha Cha, Samba, Jive, Merengue, Salsa, and several "Social" dances, such as Evening 3 Step and Barn Dance. Most people attend a general class for 6-8 weeks, before progressing to a style-specific class.
Beginner Style Classes are the next level. 3 Dances in each style, developing your skills in each dance.


Intermediate classes are for those who are already familiar with the basic patterns. These classes cover 3-4 dances in each style, adding technique, rhythm, arm and leg styling to the skills learn at the beginner level.


Advanced classes are for experienced dancers. Covering 1 or 2 dances at a time only, these classes take the technique and artistic characterisations into much greater depth. Most students incorporate private lessons with these classes, enhancing skills learnt in group with greater understanding obtained in 1-to-1 environment of a private lesson.

Differently Abled Students

Our staff work with children and adults with special needs regularly, and often they are very happy in the mainstream classes. While we encourage all students to attend our classes, regardless of ability, some students need more attention than others.
Please call or email for assistance with your specific requirements.




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